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Complete Asbestos Removal Solutions

Acolyte Enviro offer a full and comprehensive Asbestos encapsulation, removal and disposal service whether you are a homeowner, landlord or business owner.

Once an Asbestos Survey has confirmed its existence, our experienced and qualified team will ensure these hazardous materials are safely sealed or removed and disposed of in a licensed waste transfer station in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Our processes are planned accordingly to your scenario.  We understand that every asbestos case is different which is why we adapt our service to ensure that your individual needs & requirements are met.

We can help with the following:

Why Use Acolyte Enviro?

The Health & Safety Executive strongly recommends only using trained professionals to repair or remove Asbestos containing materials. Ignoring this advice poses a huge risk to those that are looking to dispose of or remove materials that contain asbestos themselves which is strongly ill-advised.

At Acolyte Enviro we are trained and experienced in the safe removal and maintenance of Asbestos containing materials under Non-Licensed conditions.

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