Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveying service

If your property was originally built before 2000 and you intend to undertake works the first step is to obtain an asbestos survey. This is the only way to know for sure if a building product or material contains asbestos.

Acolyte Enviro offer a full and comprehensive Asbestos surveying service whether you are a homeowner or landlord. Our experienced and qualified team will ensure your property is safe and any asbestos associated risks are effectively managed giving you full peace of mind.

Our processes are planned accordingly to your needs.  We understand that every asbestos case is different, which is why we adapt our service to ensure that your individual needs & requirements are met.

Why Acolyte Enviro?

Our certified surveyor will safely take a small sample of the material and send it to our UKAS accredited Asbestos sampling laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will investigate the material to determine both the presence of Asbestos fibres and the type of Asbestos.

In most cases the sample results are available within three days although if required urgently Acolyte Enviro can provide a premium service that provides a result within 24 hours.

Once the sample results are available, we are then able to establish whether the material contains Asbestos and whether it is must be removed or it is safe to stay within your property.

Our qualified Asbestos Removal Service can then help you with the next steps.

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